The Fellowship, Prayer, Share and Care (FPSC) group was established in September 1987. The group was founded by seven Filipina women and  Teri Betker, wife of Pastor Betker.  The group of mostly domestic helpers from the Philippines gathered weekly and shared in a time of fellowship with morning snacks provided by CAN members.

Today, members prepare a full lunch every Sunday after the morning worship services for the group and any CAN members who are able to join. During the afternoon, group activities include Bible study, praise and worship, presentations by friends and members of CAN and outings. FPSC would like to thank Hong Kong International School and Church of All Nations for generously providing a space for the group to meet every Sunday and public holiday.

All are welcome to join the FPSC gathering on Sundays, as we are always eager to get to know members of the congregation well. Join us for lunch, or come to share a skill or interest of yours with us. Ideas for outings are welcome, e.g. beach trips, hikes, barbecues, boat excursions. You can also join us on a visit to the Home of Loving Faithfulness in the Christmas season, or to make the Easter cross for the sanctuary.

Fellowship is an important part of FPSC as we join together in worship, devotions, meals every Sundays and public holiday.

Spiritual growth is the focal point of our gatherings and activities, and one of our key tools is prayer.  We spend time in prayer for our individual needs, for FPSC, for CAN, and also for the greater fellowship of believers.  Prayer cements the relationship between us as we discard our differences and humbly seek God’s forgiveness, wisdom, courage and strength at the throne of grace.

One of FPSC’s goals is not to keep Christ to ourselves, but to extend his love and good news to others in Hong Kong.  A significant theme at Church of All Nations is discipleship, and we have heeded the call and want to reach a wider group of Filipinos in Hong Kong, in obedience to the command that Jesus gave, to feed His sheep.

Faith without works is dead (James 2:20) which is why we strive to be a service-oriented group.  We serve the fellowship of CAN by participating whenever we can through music at special services, volunteering as ushers and readers, for alter care, and in creating the floral cross at Easter.  We also make an annual trip to Home of Loving Faithfulness to share our gift of singing.  In addition, we strive to show Christ’s love through our jobs in Hong Kong. Domestic employment comes with many challenges, and we want to care for those we work for, in the manner that Jesus would call us to.  Even in such capacity, we have the opportunity of being worthy disciples.

FPSC is grateful for the folks who have coordinated its programs over the years.  Thank you for having been a part of making FPSC what it is today. Our faces may be different, because many have left Hong Kong, but the spirit of your generosity and guidance lives on:

Teri Betker: 1987-1990
Judy Schill: 1990-1992
Sandy Vahlsing: 1992-1996
Eunice & Bob McKinney, and David Dickhudt: 1996-1997
Debbie Gattegno: 1997-2000
Sally Rutherford: 2000-2002
Renee Wiedmeier: 2003-2004
Asha Sathyaraj: 2004-2007
Mary Ewing: 2007-present